Say goodbye to Thread veins! The revolutionary Veinwave system is now available.

Thread Veins Treatment

This system is described as the most effective treatment available for thread veins and can be used safely on both the face and legs. Veinwave works by sending high-frequency current through a very fine needle to each vein in turn. The treatment is relatively painless and most patients describe it as feeling like a light pin-prick. The veins disappear immediately and will not come back . The treatment leaves no bruising. Instead, there are often small red marks which then become micro-crusts, or scratches which are gone within a couple of days.


We now also offer Microsclerotherapy for larger thread veins on the legs. In this procedure a solution is injected into the veins to make them shut down. This treatment can be very effective when used in combination with the Veinwave system.

This is generally regarded as the ‘Gold Standard’ for treating leg veins.

Before & After

veinwave-before veinwave-after

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